Correct Storage of Fresh Dates

The correct storage of our dates for long-lasting snack enjoyment!

If you place a lot of value on the best quality of dates you have landed in the right place with DATTELBÄR! Then you should also place greatest value in the storage of the fresh palm fruit!

To ensure your delight up to the last fresh and healthy date in the box, here are a few guidelines for the optimal storage of our fresh palm fruit!

Our dates are completely fresh, free of sugar additives as well as other preservatives and pesticides and should therefore ALWAYS be stored in the refrigerator (max. 7°C) or the freezer.

IMPORTANT: a dark cellar/storage room without a cooling function is therefore not sufficient!

In principle: the fresher and softer the date is, all the more important is the correct and cool storage!

Our fresh dates are soft and succulent when harvested and are immediately in cold storage so that they maintain their perfect moistness. 

Especially our regal Medjool dates appreciate the correct storage right from the beginning as they can dry out rapidly in warmer temperatures.

You can easily place the complete box in the refrigerator/freezer or transfer them to glass jars – this does not change the shelf life of the dates!

Professional tip for ideal storage: 

Due to their high sugar content, these palm fruit never freeze completely in the freezer and are therefore always ready to be snacked!

In this way you can, for example, portion and freeze your dates and then serve them fresh and cool when needed – a perfect snack sensation on hot summer days. ;-)


The correct storage at a glance: 

  • ALWAYS store our fresh dates in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • A cool and dark cellar or storage room is NOT suitable for the storage of dates!
  • Due to their high sugar content, dates never freeze complete and are therefore always ready for use, even if stored in the freezer.
  • The best before date varied according to the product and storage temperature and is clearly visible on the packaging (storage in the refrigerator mostly 6 - 12 months).


Correctly stored and still not satistfied with the quality of the product? 

DATTELBÄR gladly takes responsibility for defective goods – if the storage was carried out to our recommendations. Send us a message and we will take care of your concerns.

The DATTELBÄR wishes you delightful and healthy snacking!

You still have questions? Then please pop a look into our FAQs.

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